I have taught and practiced yoga for forty years and continue to develop my life and teachings following a Yoga Philosophy. I have been closely associated with the Yoga development of Britta Trubridge. I first taught Britta Ashtanga Vinyasa using skype as a means of creating an accessible yoga class and communicating across distance, although we have also had many classes together. It was immediately apparent that Britta had a deep awareness and understanding of the fusion of body breath and spirit and she quickly developed a consistent and thorough practice of yoga. She also has a profound understanding of meditation which she has practiced and studied for almost 10 years and this has been a foundation for her development as a yoga practitioner and teacher. Britta has in turn led and tutored me through yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra and I have found these sessions enjoyable, informative and inspirational experiences of Yoga. Britta communicates an awareness of the fusion of body, breath, mind and spirit in a way that is accessible, appealing and responsible. She radiates health and vitality and her life and teachings are true examples of the benefits of a yogic lifestyle. Britta has maintained a consistent and thorough practice of yoga informed by her in depth knowledge of yogic philosophy. Above all Britta has a deep commitment to her spiritual purpose in life and her meditation and yoga practices are her constant guide towards an inner truth. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a Yoga teacher.” Linda Trubridge, Artist and Ashtanga Instructor, New Zealand

I learned a lot on the retreat from you, from the others, from Mother Nature and about myself. I mean it when I say it opened a new chapter in my life. My overall composure, my diet, and my practice has changed significantly and I just wanted to thank you for giving me that opportunity. Thank you and tell Will I say thanks as well. It meant a lot to me that he was willing to take me out lobstering. You guys are wonderful souls and I hope to cross paths with you again.” – Laurent Baldeon, Pro. Poker Player, San Diego, CA

I had the most wonderful time here on Long Island with you. I really appreciate how generous, caring and open you have been. I am truly grateful for every second.

To me, I see a most beautiful person in you; it really came through in the yoga practice. I experienced pure joy and tears; I lost my ground and then found it again -all in the space of nine practices.

I would love to come back again next year.

From my heart, I thank you.” Amy Coy, Student, Australia

EBiniThe Caribbean Yoga Retreat on Long Island with Britta was an experience that left me breathless; the island seems as though it is from another time and Britta feels like she is your best friend from the first meeting. The yoga experience in front of the ocean was so energizing and freediving in Dean’s Blue Hole with William was fantastic!” -Emanuele Bini, Empoli , Florence, Italy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes in life you meet people and they alter the way you used to see things or go through your life. I think you (Britta) and William, because you live your dreams to the fullest, had that effect on me.
I am also putting into practice some of the breathing techniques and advice from the reiki session and it’s working!

Continue to take care of yourself and the world/people around you. You are amazing! I’m going away with a piece of you in my heart!!!
” -Antine LeGrand

“Britta is very kind, real, professional and passionate about her work. For a teacher to truly understand their own knowledge, and to teach and transmit it to their students in an honest and real way is what every student wants.I learned fast and easy many new breathing techniques along with quite a few ‘aahaa!’ moments. Britta is a great teacher and I hope to work with her again soon.” –Jean Jacques Mayol, Founder of Team Mayol, Elba Island, Italy


“Britta is the most amazing yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She lives her life according to the yogic philosophy and her authenticity and poise comes through in her teaching.

Enthusiastic, focused, and committed… she is a force of nature when it comes to creating custom transformational yoga sessions that are both challenging and restorative. Her vast knowledge of the art and science of yoga permeate her teachings in a way that takes your awareness of your body to another level.

Her genuine passion for yoga infuses your practice with love, tranquility, beauty, and grace. She also incorporates her gift for understanding the body’s subtle energies into her personalized sequences in ways that facilitate tremendous emotional and spiritual growth. I’m talking mind-blowing breakthroughs and ecstatic epiphanies here, people! I have personally experienced spontaneous laughter and deep upwellings of peace and well-being during our sessions. Expect major positive shifts in every area of your life when you commit to working with Britta!” –Jeannette Cary RYT/life coach/massage therapist/energy medicine practitioner, Pensacola, FL


“I’ve known about Ayurveda for a while and one of the things that struck me about it is that it is so much more that just a change in diet. Healthy living is something I truly enjoy and so I was excited to have my consultation done and to learn more about myself and my body…and how I can interact with it for optimal wellness.” -Kiki Spiwak, Belgrade, Serbia, Indigo Creations



“After being fascinated by Britta’s blog and the way she devotedly practices Yoga, I signed up for an Ayurvedic Consultation. She gave me all her attention, and made me feel like my lower back pains were indeed of her concern. She gave me full advice on what Asanas I should do and shouldn’t do, What to eat, and spent time explaining to me what my doshas are and how to perfect my inner balance/ my inner peace. Thank you Britta!” –Lina Konstantinidis, Athens, Greece


“Some time ago I was diagnosed as having a herniated, ruptured disc. I was advised by a neurosurgeon that instead of surgery I should look at some other alternatives, one of which involved exercise. She recommended yoga as a form of exercise. Since then I have had two classes with Britta and found that they were both helpful and informative. I was completely at ease, relaxed and inspired. My body seemed to be in sync with my mind and I appreciated that this is necessary for healing. Britta was confident and knowledgeable. A good teacher! I am looking forward to more sessions!” -Donna Harding, Attorney, Nassau Bahamas


Britta Trubridge radiates a peaceful, joyous energy that she passes on to her students. She blends the spiritual and the physical in a way that will please not only the most devoted yogi, but also a first-time athlete who somehow ended up in a yoga class. Britta is a yoga teacher who lives as she teaches and shares her healthy, holistic lifestyle goodness with her students.” – Dor Taddayoni, Los Angeles CA


“I really had an awesome time on the retreat and I am convinced that Britta’s magical yoga practice helped me break through the mental barriers that were holding me back in diving and life. Thanks again for such a wonderful and restorative retreat!!! It was soooo fun and magical!” -Tania Lor, Pilot, Canada

“The hour this morning was great -I never had a better one! I really like being taught by you… I had been searching for so long for a way that fits to me and my nature of moving/thinking in yoga. All of this gets mirrored in your way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” -Oliver Schmidt, Organization Developer/ Freediving Instructor at freeimmersion.de, Germany



I have to say I have seldom enjoyed a yoga session so much. The balance between challenging positions and pure relaxation was excellent. Further, I found the focus on proper breathing very inspiring and helpful to give myself a route to really ‘get into’ a pose. Last but not least, seeing the demonstrations of the asanas with what I would call perfection is also more than helpful!” -Marco Rettig, Dubai, UAE


Yoga is a ‘tool for life’ that can be applied to all of its aspects, especially sports like freediving. In her ability to demonstrate and impart the physical and mental techniques of this discipline, Britta has become an extremely valuable part of the Vertical Blue team. In her classes students are challenged to enhance the flow of movement and energy in their body as well as the depth and control of their breathing. This is balanced with her expertly guided sessions of relaxation and meditation that are always a favorite.” -William Trubridge, World Record Holding Freediver/Husband 🙂

“As a professional sportsman I am always looking for ways to improve and further self develop. Britta’s yoga retreat offered a chance to enhance both body and mind and I found myself for the first time really enjoying yoga. She lead us on a journey to some of the most magical locations that the Bahama’s has to offer. Her positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and the small group size made for a very intimate experience. This coupled with the luxury accommodation made for an unforgettable holiday and memories that I will cherish for many years to come.” – Jonathan Sunnex, Profession Freediver and Instructor, New Zealand


“Being a rock climber, the thought of yoga makes me cringe, as my body is not very malleable. Taking Britta’s yoga class made me feel more at ease with the exercises, even though I couldn’t attain some positions. Her soft guidance was incredibly valuable, and she made it easy for me to reach a deep, peaceful zone of relaxation that has helped me prepare for some dangerous solo climbs.” -Jules Lines, Offshore Engineer and Abseiler, Scotland


“La mia prima esperienza di yoga l’ho iniziata con te! Mi è piaciuta da subito osservandoti e vedendo la tua passione, dopo la lezione sono stata cosi bene e serena. Avevo voglia di stare bene e grazie a te dopo quei esercizi ho capito che non potevo abbandonare lo yoga,infatti dopo l’estate mi sono iscritta a un corso. Ora non posso stare senza 😉;) Grazie…”
(I had my first yoga experience with you! I liked it right away by just observing it all and seeing your passion -after the lesson I felt so good and serene. I had been wanting to feel this way for so many years, and thanks to you I realized I could not give up practicing yoga. In fact, the summer after I took your class I enrolled in a course. Now I cannot live without it 😉 Thank you…) -Diana Benvenuti, Fucecchio Italy

“I had the opportunity to take one of Britta’s private yoga classes recently, and I was nervous at first because I’ve never done any sort of yoga before in my life, but Britta’s warmth, patience and ability to verbally articulate and physically demonstrate each of the poses helped me to understand and really internalize the practice, making my first yoga class an incredibly enjoyable experience. I look forward to taking another one of her classes soon!” -Alanna Nicole, Artist, Brooklyn, NYC


“I am like a fish out of water when it comes to most land-based activities but knowing the advantages of practicing yoga; I tried my best. I found Britta’s Hatha instruction to be well-suited to the inexperienced (myself) and more advanced students. I tend to be a very high-energy, restless, individual and Britta’s soothing voice and steady commands kept me focused and still– no small accomplishment! Although I was unable to achieve some of the poses; Britta was supportive and never condescending. I look forward to my next class.” –CarlaSue Hanson, Newport Beach CA


“I attended Britta’s course last January in conjunction with advanced freediving course with William Trubridge. My goal was to become better at freediving and I was looking for some sort of special exercises or practices and yoga seemed to be rather secondary, non-essential… Silly me! We had group of 7, but Britta had time to address everybody’s issues as if it was private class. There were no exercises that I did not try before on my own, but the very same things done under Britta’s supervision and professional advise made a huge difference. Daily yoga practices allowed me to increase my freediving performance level dramatically in the span of only 4 days! One really cool and inspirational lesson of almost 2 hours took place at sunrise by the ocean – I can still close my eyes, imagine I am there and my lungs expand on instinct as if I am inhaling fresh ocean breeze (never mind I am in the office)! I did 2 of my personal best dives the very next day and with ease! So, now I am a believer! Cant’ wait to take another course (or two, or more!)” – Sergei Timoshenko, Freightforwarding is my business, Freediving is my passion, Canada



Britta is a deep, compassionate, gentle soul. Her personal journey, natural self-inquiry, and ongoing personal yogic practice, as well as her training, makes her extremely qualified to guide and instruct others. I asked her to be the model for the stretches in my book, Healthy Lifestyle Path of Wellness, because her form and perfection in her postures was exactly what I was looking for to demonstrate to people unfamiliar with yoga how to work with the body. I always enjoy a yoga session with Britta and would think anyone who has the pleasure to have her teach would agree.” –Pamela Holtzman, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Chicago Illinois


“I attended one of Britta’s yoga classes last summer in Elba during an apnea stage with William Trubridge. I had already been participating in a yoga class prior, but never had I been confronted with someone so competent and professional, and who was able to convey fully the true spirit of yoga. I felt the passion with which Britta is dedicated to her practice, and I realized the benefits that this wonderful practice could give me as well, both in freediving and in everyday life. Thank you.” -Graziano Sala , Montevecchia Italy

“Britta, thank you for the beautiful yoga retreat (and all of the inner work you had us do) as you brought us all over to different places to explore your awesome island. The positive energy you bring to the table each day inspired all of us to be more thankful, kind and gracious. You are a beautiful soul who blesses everyone you come into contact with. I look forward to our paths crossing again.” -Tommy Hill, Sag Harbor, NY



I trained with Britta briefly in Dubai, and now feel that I have a mission to become a better yogi until we meet again. Britta took me through a sequence and had me visualize my chakras while doing asanas to work them from bottom to top, red to violet. She taught me paranayama as well, which will help me a lot in my freediving training. Her classes gave me energy, flexibility and made me feel exhilarated when I was through. I will continue to use the asanas she taught me as a part of my yoga set for my future practice. I would recommend Britta’s yoga classes to anyone, beginners or experts -her classes are fit for all. I would especially recommended Britta to freedivers who are interested in really learning, feeling & understanding how to use the breath through pranayama and yoga. thank you, Britta, for sharing your time, energy & passion with me.” -Amro Dabash, United Arab Emirates


“I don’t know if you remember the first time you went to Paris with William for a free diving workshop at Villeneuve La Garenne, but I do! Because of you, your teaching, and the light of your smile while seated on your mat, I’m now practicing Ashtanga yoga regularly in Paris. I discovered through you how close apnea and yoga really are and how yoga is the main key for apnea success!” -Philippe-H. Claudel, Creative director at Proxima-Communication, Paris-France



Britta is a world class yogi and is well qualified to teach you advanced techniques. Not only is she beautiful but highly skilled! Her workshops are in some of the most exotic places, and her husband is a world record holder in freediving. They really embody and live the principles of yoga. She really is incredible.” –Richard Bernstein,Yoga Instructor and Artist, Woodbourne, New York


“I met some amazing people, saw some gorgeous sites, reached my max dive of 98 ft, deepened my yoga practice, and learned a lot about myself. Highly recommend B-Tru Yoga for a retreat.”


“Britta is a strong and determined young woman, one of the most kind-hearted people I have met and is brilliant when it comes to all things Yoga. She is a wealth of knowledge, and she has definitely inspired me to deepen and expand my practice. Her website alone is filled with oodles of interesting articles on all things yoga/health/mind, body & soul related. There is information that everyone can learn from, take & share from and most of all be inspired by.” –Diana Padgett, Photographer & Filmmaker, California

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“Thank you for sharing this week (in Honduras), I am so glad I came to your sessions. You are an inspiration and have a wonderful spirit!” –Ruth Healey, Roatan Honduras




“Thank you for yours and William’s visit this week in Honduras and for sharing your knowledge and energy with us. We all learned so much from both of you, and more than that, it’s always great to discover that luminaries in our field are such good people. Your discipline and ease were an inspiration and it was a real honor to spend time with you. Wei and I hope you will return soon.” -Mark Rodgers
, freediving and yoga instructor at Apnea Total, Utila, Honduras



“Since your courses in Paris I started to follow you and always with pleasure. You are a very warm person and it was a great pleasure to meet you. It was like having confirmation that I was moving in the right direction.” -Catherine Vergès, Lawyer, Paris France



“I just had the best Skype yoga class with Britta! I recently had surgery and it was so wonderful to start to gently work with my body again. The sequence was perfect, and the relaxation portion was even better! I will be doing this a minimum of 4 times a week!” -Tina Lisicki (Britta’s Mom!), Artist, Florida


“Britta Trubridge was my ‘super coach’ during the last Indoor world championships in Italy. She coached me to a national record in static apnea that took 5th place overall. I had the privilege of working with her in the lead up to this competition during the med cup (and world championships) in Greece. brittany trubridgeBritta is one of the most impressive coaches I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of yoga and mastery of the mental techniques involved, have been a really great help. Britta took a fantastic approach of helping me focus on the process of letting go, both in terms of relaxation physically during static apnea and perhaps more importantly: letting go of any distractions, fears, ambitions, ego or attachment to performances. It was such an enlightening experience that enabled me to concentrate on exactly what was needed during that time. I felt grounded and calm, which is not usually a state that participating in a competition involves! Britta has such expertise in the field of both apnea and yoga and combines her talents to help in such a subtle and tailored approach. I hope that we get to work together again and I would recommend any one wanting to learn more about their practice, seek a guiding hand from this very talented lady.” -Georgina Miller, National Record Holder in Static Apnea, UK

“As a competitive swimmer and lifeguard in my youth and a freediver for many years since, I thought I might have little left to learn about breathing for freediving when I took Britta’s class. I was wrong. Aside from the many practical techniques and lung and body stretches that Britta taught so well, she shared a passion and awareness of yoga with me that I had never known before, a gift that is beyond value to me. Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom, and for the clarity and insight of your teaching.” -Andrew Graham, Fair-Traidwins
“Before I made my trip to Portugal (for a surf + yoga retreat), I was in the process of trying to ‘find myself.’ I had no idea that this little journey was about to be the greatest experience I’d ever have. I had never felt so much prana in my body -it was as if Britta spread prana everywhere! Her classes were motivating, relaxing, hearty, informative and so inspiring. When I returned home, the yoga and meditation stayed with me and I feel better every day. I’m even starting a teacher’s training next year! I hope that I can transmit yoga in the same way that Britta shared it with me.” –Luisa Wipprecht, Germany
10633425_827258947307695_6460997643572614259_o“Both Britta and the island are absolutely beautiful and I can say from personal experience that her retreats are one of the best ways I’ve ever found to spend money wisely. What may seem like a luxury at first is actually the ultimate in radical self care and a true investment in your own growth and development. The levels of empathy, skill, care and attention to detail that Britta provides are unsurpassed and she’s the perfect teacher for the entire range of skill levels -from beginner all the way to advanced. She tailors each session to precisely what your body and heart and mind need in that very moment and she listens so closely to you, making you feel safe, heard and honored in every way. I cannot count the number of times she’s helped me move through physical, energetic, mental and emotional blockages in my practice and I’ve seen her do the same for so many others. Britta is a blessing and I firmly believe that absolutely everyone should invest in themselves and allow her to help them evolve.” -Emily Nero Madhu, Long Island, Bahamas